2017 General Assembly

The Pikesville Chamber will closely monitor, but will not necessarily comment or take a position on bills for these areas:

  HB0001- Labor and Employment - Maryland Healthy Working Families Act

  HB0007- Environment - Children With Elevated Blood Lead Levels – Environmental Investigation

  HB0011- Vehicle Laws - Causing Diesel Emissions to Discharge Onto Another – Prohibition

  HB0018- Task Force to Improve Partnership for Assessment and Readiness for College and Careers Scores for     
                Maryland Public Schools Students

  HB0048- Criminal Procedure – Shielding – Nolle Prosequi

  HB0049- Maryland Transportation Authority – Chesapeake Bay Bridge – Toll Collection

  HB0065- Labor and Employment – Maryland Healthy Working Families Act

  HB0066- Environment – Lead and Mercury Wheel Weights – Prohibited

  SB0017- Unemployment Insurance – Eligibility for Benefits – Business Operation Closings

  SB0021- Unemployment Insurance – Recovery of Benefits – Collection by Assessment

  SB0025- Maryland Transit Administration – Transit Service – Contracted Taxicab Service

  SB0034- Motor Vehicles – Leased Vehicles – Inspections, Insurance, and Excise Tax

  SB0036- Tax Credits – Electronic Filing Requirements – Waiver

  SB0051- Workers’ Compensation – Permanent Total Disability – Survival of Claim 

  SB0055 - Employers of Ex-Offenders – Liability for Negligent Hiring or Inadequate Supervision – Immunity

  SB0072- Workers’ Compensation – Tiered Rating Plans and Merit Rating Plans


For a status update and/or a list of all Bills at the House Legislation click here.

For a status update and/or list of all Bills being consider at the Senate level click here.